While shepherds watch their flocks by night…

We’ve been finishing this year’s lambs on the green green grass that runs alongside the Appalachian Trail north of our house, at the Kellogg Conservation Center.  The pasture is great up there, but there’s no shelter, and the coyotes could be prowling around any night.  Thanks to Robin Berthett, though, we’re able to sleep in the field with our sheep and keep an ear out for predators.  Robin has lent us one of his Berkshire Shepherds Huts, a beautiful little (denim-insulated) house made of locally sourced wood and modeled on the shepherd huts used throughout England for centuries (one of them is featured prominently in Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd).  As you can tell, the house is entrancingly photogenic and rather cozy.

2 thoughts on “While shepherds watch their flocks by night…

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