Mayflower Farm Lamb — on a spit!


Mayflower Farm lamb was the centerpiece at the reception preceding the 36th Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures in Great Barrington last night.


All afternoon, the crew from Fire Roasted Catering braved the wind and the weather to slow roast six lambs over wood fires behind Great Barrington Town Hall. As one perceptive party-goer  remarked, “this must be a pretty cool town to let you do THAT on the lawn behind Town Hall!”

The lambs might have been the centerpiece, but the guests of honor were Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson, both of whom made sure to get a plate of the evening’s feast before heading into the Mahaiwe for their mic check.


Wes Jackson (center) serves himself Mayflower Farm lamb


Wendell Berry (far right) has dinner with the Maggio family

Tony, Rich, and Austen headed up the kitchen team that prepared and carved the lambs, serving them up beside mountains of roasted potatoes and mushrooms, onions and squash.


The lamb was a big hit all around.




New Pastures

We are going to make our first appearance at the Great Barrington farmers’ market this Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm!
We will be selling cuts of lamb, sheepskins, and yarn. Please come visit!

We just moved these guys up to the lush green pasture north of the Appalachian Trail.  Boy, are they happy!

photo 2

Mayflower Farm Merguez

After a marathon sausage-stuffing session, the Maggio and Bizalion clans proudly present:

Don’t miss the chance to eat merguez with mustard, merguez with harissa, merguez on a baguette… and learn how to grill over a wood fire!  Join us Sunday, September 30th, at Bizalion’s Fine Foods at 684 Main Street in Great Barrington, MA, starting at 3 PM.

Easter in June

Lambs don’t usually arrive when it’s time to make hay.  But this summer we had a big surprise!

Even the momma looked surprised to suddenly claim a dependent.

All the rest of the lambs are growing up nicely and benefitting from the lush summer pasture as well as the occasional stolen mouthful of their mother’s milk.

Last year’s Little Orphan Annie is just as friendly as ever.

Everybody’s looking for shade on hot days like these.